welcome ❦

this carrd was made to educate people on the oshian label !

what is oshian ?

oshian is a label specifically for black wlw and nblw

how is it pronounced ?

like ocean ! (oh - shun)

who made it ?

the label was created by @mochammons on twitter
original tweet

why was it made ?

black wlw and nblw have felt excluded from the “sapphic” label, noticing that it was dominated by white people and wanted a label that was our own and we felt a connection to

what inspired the term ?

the term is inspired by Oshun, an African river goddess. she is an important deity in Yoruba spirituality. She was the only goddess of 17 gods sent to populate the earth, and the only one to succeed. She is considered one of the most powerful gods and is associated with water, purity, fertility, love, and sensuality

what’s wrong with the sapphic label ?

there is nothing wrong with it specifically,
this is just an alternative for black wlw and
nblw to use and feel more included !

does this mean black people can’t use sapphic anymore ?

not at all ! this is just an alternative,
black wlw / nblw can still be sapphic
if that’s the term they choose !

the oshian flag ❦

the meaning ❦

credit: the flag maker is dazzleyerii on twitter


love for women: self explanatory
sensuality & purity: represent oshun (the goddess the label is from) a goddess of water, sensuality, fertility, purity, and other things
gender nonconformity: represents trans and non binary oshians
diversity: represents diversity of ethnicity and sexuality within oshians
african diaspora: represents that all black people originated from Africa
blackness: self explanatory

frequently asked questions
★ im 'xyz' sexuality / gender, can i use the flag ?
all black wlw / nblw can use it ! this includes bisexual, pansexual, lesbian etc. and women, enbys, genderfluid, trans etc. !
★ I'm mixed/biracial can i use the flag ?
if you are mixed with black you can use the flag as long as you are black passing
★ im not black, can i use the label/flag ?
no, only black wlw / nblw can use it
★ can all non-white wlw / nblw use the label/flag ?
no, only black wlw / nblw can use it because it was made to help us feel like we have something to closely identify to
★ is this flag a recolour of another flag ?
its not a recolour ! this is an original flag made by black wlw and nblw !

congratulations now you know all about the oshian label !

if you have any more questions don't hesitate to dm the oshian account @oshianpos